AOE slang

My Voobly profile:

Chat Slangs

  • fc : Fast Castle
  • gg : Good game - Originally used by defeated players to wish the winners. But now even used as synonym of inevitable defeat as in if he attacks, its gg :)
  • hf: Have fun
  • gl : Good luck
  • drush, flush, crush : Dark , Feudal, Castle rush respectively
  • bbt : Bombard towers
  • ec: Elite consquitador
  • noob: A beginner in AOE multiplayer gaming

Map Types

  • Michi: a type of game map that uses impassable terrain (usually forest) to prevent players from rushing or coming into contact until the intervening terrain is cleared
  • ga: Green Arabia
  • bf: Black Forest
  • dm: Death Match
  • ln ffa: Land Nomad Free for all - A type of map with villagers placed randomly on the map and without town center

Voobly specific

  • fmt: Friends may team
  • tg: Team Game
  • fp : Fast proxy - A player who does’t have port forwarding properly configured uses fast proxy server. Results in lag in game.