What's wrong with Microsoft

Saw, this post on Glassdoor. Being an ex-MS, I wonder what’s slowly happening to this great company.

The most uncollaborative work environment on the planet - the only way to move forward is to stab your neighbor in the back. The culture here actually encourages self-promotion and to tear down others. Ironically they spend millions on programs to appear as if this is not the case - then reviews come, and its Social Darwinism in its pure form - the only thing I have not seen first hand, is for a VP to eat their young. I cannot wait to get out of here - and I am actually doing well in terms of reviews and bonus - but life is too short to move a career forward at this expense level. I suspect those who love this enviroment have not been here long enough to realize that for them to move forward - they will need to leave a wake of bodies in their path - which is not for everyone.