Browser Market Share of Internet Explorer

Recently, there has been lot of discussion over the market share of Internet Explorer. At first, Windows Team blog published an article which says the traditional methods of calculating browser market share are wrong and misleading. This is partly because browsers such as Google Chrome have a builtin Pre-rendering feature which fetches the hyperlinks on the page invisibly even if user has not explicitly clicked on it.

Anyways, Focusing away from all that attention, I would like to present the statistics of browser share of visitors of my blog. I really do believe that results of my blog will be applicable to all of the community. My blog recieves approximately 100 vists/day.

Overall Market Share

In my opinion, the high usage of Internet explorer is clearly because of usage of IE as an Enterprise standard browser. Many users, who are working in companies and use company provided assets, have no choice but to use the browser installed on their devices, which in 99% of the cases is Internet Explorer

It is interesting to see how drastically the share of Internet Explorer drops to single digit percentages on Weekends.









To conclude, high market share of IE is only and only because its a standard browser on Microsoft Windows Operating System. The gain which Microsoft gets because of monopoly in Operating System market is still unparalleled. It would be interesting to see, how the share of IE slides when the enterprise starts moving more and more on mobile platforms and start introducing BYOD