Customize Windows 10 Desktop

I have always been fan of well assembled desktop systems. Its a joy to carefully pick each component of your personal computer and assemble it to pick best performance.

The current rig which I use is listed here on PCPartPicker

It is also very important to continuously monitor the performance of such system so as to make sure they are running in optimum systems.

Especially important is CPU and GPU temperatures. With latest software and games, pushing the limits of hardware, these hardware peripherals dissipate lot of heat when running at their peak levels.

Hence, it is very important to invest in components which run the system cool.

In my case, I invested in Cooler Master CPU Cooler and Arctic Silver thermal compound

Just addition of two compounds reduced my CPU’s idle temperature from 60 C to 40 C

In addition to that, its very important to continuously monitor the temperature over time. while using Linux, I was always the fan of Conky to monitor the same.

While currently using Windows, I depend heavily on Rainmeter to display a desktop widget to display CPU and GPU details as shown below.

The skip can be downloaded from my github repository

The wallpaper is from Wallpaper engine

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