Best Mechanical Keyboards in India for Engineers

Recently, there has been a new trend of smaller keyboards because they consume lesser real estate.

These come in various form factors such as Tenkeyless (TKL), 60%, 65%, 80%, 96% keyboards.

100% - These are our regular full size keyboards. This one is my older and the best in this category Das Keyboard Professional

65% - These do not have function keys and neither the numpad. This one is Ducky one 2 SF

TKL or 80% - Tenkeyless. They do not have numpad i.e. 10 keys less. One of the best is Ducky one 2 Skyline TKL

60% - Similar to 65%, but these get rid of arrow keys too. This is Ducky one 2 Mini skyline blue

96% - These essentially have all keys, but with compact design. Below is my current Keychron k4

I too recently switched from Das Keyboard Professional to Keycrhon k4

Best resources for mechanical keyboards in India:

Reddit - Mechanical Keyboards India - A place to discuss about mechanical keyboards in India

Meckeys - Currently, the best place to buy mechanical keyboards in India - You can order keychron keyboards in India from here. Though they have been out of stock due to COVID for quite some time.

Reddit - Mechanical Keyboards - A best place if you want to assemble your own keyboard. Not for the purchasers.

There are other places as Amazon, AliExpress etc, but I don’t recommend due to the higher prices because of custom duty imports.

Collecting and trying out various keyboards is slowly becoming one of my hobbies though a very expensive one :)