Fun with Splunk

Many organizations aggregate their logs on Splunk, which is a popular product for data ingestion and building intelligence on top of it.

I too have been playing with data hosted on Splunk in last few weeks. Recently, I encountered a problem, where-in the data needs to be extracted based on some specified condition within a JSON array.

For example, the splunk record was as follows:

    "name": "Test Name",
    "id": "ac646022-fa55-4e04-9856-a25a41b30014",
    "phases": [
            "name": "query.slots",
            "elapsedTime": 2000.0
            "name": "viewPage",
            "elapsedTime": 565.0

The requriement was to retrieve all the recods which has the phase query.slots and elapsedTime is greater than some specified value, for example 1000 ms.

The query required unearthing some commands which I was unfamiliar with:

Here is the final query

"phases{}.name"="query.slots" | rename phases{}.elapsedTime as eTime, phases{}.name as name | eval temp=mvzip(eTime,name) | mvexpand temp | eval eTimeParsed=mvindex(split(temp,","),0),nameParsed=mvindex(split(temp,","),1)  | search nameParsed="query.slots" eTimeParsed > 2000 | table nameParsed, eTimeParsed