Execute a transaction in etherum using ganache

Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum provides a good set of development tools to get up and running with executing transactions in Ethereum blockchain.

Here is an example of a simple transaction done in ethereum using Ganache

The same can easily be modified to point to Infura

var Web3 = require('web3');
var EthereumTransaction = require('ethereumjs-tx').Transaction;
var web3 = new Web3('');

var sendingAddress = '0xaB549b951d2ebFd71B506bc14BF743A8879F5130';
var receivingAddress = '0x9E0F9ccA3B3FE51028660798c7bd6455bF9c3899';


var rawTransaction = {
    nonce: 1,
    to: receivingAddress, 
    gasPrice: 20000000,
    gasLimit: 30000,
    value: 1,
    data: "0x"

var privateKeySender = 'xxxxx';
var privateKeySenderHex = new Buffer(privateKeySender, 'hex')
var transaction = new EthereumTransaction(rawTransaction);

var serializedTransaction = transaction.serialize();