Building RediSearch module in Amazon Linux 2

RediSearch is a Redis module that provides querying, secondary indexing, and full-text search for Redis. To use RediSearch, you first declare indexes on your Redis data. You can then use the RediSearch query language to query that data.

There is a very good RediSearch getting started tutorial on github.

There are several steps in bulding RediSearch module. The following steps worked on Amazon Linux 2 machine for us:

yum install git perl perl-DateTime perl-JSON perl-Capture-Tiny
git clone
rpm -ivh /root/lcov-2.0-1.noarch.rpm
cd RediSearch
make setup
make build

At this point, the module should be built at the following location


Copy it to /etc/redis

cp /root/RediSearch/bin/linux-x64-release/search/  /etc/redis/

The module can be activated in redis conf as follows:

loadmodule /etc/redis/