Vocab Builder

Vocab Builder helps you build and revise your vocabulary. Works great for GRE, CAT, CMAT, XAT, SAT, GMAT, etc


  • Collection of around 4800 words
  • Completely offline - no internet connection required.
  • Customizable - Add your own words, edit existing words.
  • Learning mode and revision mode.

In revision mode, you swipe to reveal the word meaning.
In learning mode, the meaning is automatically shown.

  • Tagging & Synonyms - A word can be tagged with multiple other words. It allows you to make your own grouping of words.
  • Periodic Notification - A notification can be configured to appear periodically which will show you the word along with its meaning.
  • The notification can be configured to show only the words you want to learn.

Star Rating System

Vocab Builder is unique from other vocabulary building software in a way it employs flexible star rating system. It makes no assumption regarding your current level of vocabulary or the words you find easy/difficulty.

Instead, it allows you to mark words in 3 different categories

  • Zero star
  • Half Star
  • Full star

It is up to you to give semantic meaning to the star.

  • For people with strong vocabulary, a star can be given to few words they have trouble learning.
  • For people who are just beginning to learn words, a star can be given to words they have already learnt.

Notification system allows you to specify what star level words you want to be shown in notifications. A statistics page give percentage of each of starred, half starred and un-starred words.

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