Legacy Projects

These are some of the legacy projects which I had worked on. I am not actively maintaining them right now.

A Windows 7 gadget which pulls the data from SharePoint 2007/2010 data source and displays very nicely onto the desktop gadget.
I developed this site as a part of Tusitala Web Developer challenge 2014 hosted by Ideatory
A silverlight Chart control which retrieves data from the SharePoint list.
STP Inspector is an site template inspector for WSS/MOSS 2007. It analyzes a site template file (.stp) and basically shows its dependencies on the site features and site collection features.
A simple tool to change webpart property in MySite for all users automatically without going manually and change it one by one for each user.
A simple webpart which shows the allocation space used by sharepoint site against its allocated quota. The site collection must have quotas enabled.
A simple People picker and people chooser webpart developed in Silverlight
DashAnalytics is a DashClock extension which displays selected metric from your Google Analytics account.